Graham Hawkes has spent a lot of time on project management for clients

Here are some case studies where Graham has taken the role of management consultant for his clients (names are changed for privacy reasons)


Client 1...  did not have a business plan. Graham identified that the company was very vulnerable in having over 90% of his business with one customer. Graham helped the company to develop and implement a business plan which resulted in a more wide spread customer base, and an increase in profit from $100,000 to $500,000 in one year.


Client 2... had a business plan but was not monitoring it. Using Graham as a business mentor, the client went from $99,000 loss to $100,000 profit in 2 years. Constant monitoring and continued interactive contact with Graham over a 15 year period resulted in the company being sold for over $1 million.


Client 3... was a retail outlet with sales of $12,000 per month. Graham business strategy was to set up a loyalty card system. The owner resisted at first, but gave in when nothing else was working. Sales increased to $20,000 per month within 6 months.


Client 4... was a fine dining restaurant. Turnover was mediocre until prices were increased to a level which supported the fine dining perception. The meals were the same, service was the same – a business strategy which resulted in the meeting of perception by the market resulted in attracting more customers.


Client 5... was up against it when Graham first got involved. A business analysis resulted in a restructure of debt, and more disciplined reporting procedures; and saw the company grow from a $30,000 loss to $100,000 profit in the space of two years with the help of Graham’s project management.


Client 6...  was in the red to the tune of $250,000. After two meetings to examine some business ideas, and some hard decisions, both of his companies turned the corner and were able to take advantage of a market upturn to post a $300,000 plus profit in the following year.


There are many more examples of project management where Graham has been involved as a successful business consultant.


In all of these cases, the client knew the direction the business needed to take, and the decisions which had to be taken. All they needed was somebody to bounce their ideas off. That’s what it is all about.