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A very unhelpful retailer and an outstanding manufacturer
Graham Hawkes
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A very unhelpful retailer and an outstanding manufacturer


Last month our two and a half year old television set died on us.  We called our retailer who informed us that we were out of warranty so had no claim on them.


Lots of people would have left it at that but I jumped up and down a bit and was advised that I could pursue it under the Consumer Guarantees Act.  I pressed the retailer for the procedure and immediately set it in motion.  A television service company collected the TV to assess it and within 3 days we were told that the manufacturer had been informed and they were awaiting their reaction.


About 10 days later we were contacted by the service company and advised that the manufacturer, Panasonic, was going to replace the set with a new model.


This is the second great experience I have had with Panasonic.  Some years ago, I purchased a camera at Auckland Duty Free.  I found out when I got it home that the LCD monitor was not working.  I immediately contacted Panasonic, took the camera into them, and it was replaced within 2 days.


So what does this say about Panasonic?  To me they are a company that backs their products 100% and with great customer service like that, they will always have my endorsement and continued support.


Question though about the local retailer – why did I have to literally thump the table before being informed of the Consumer Guarantees Act remedy?  Maybe next time, I buy a Panasonic product it will be through another dealer.

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