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In retail, often you only get one chance
Graham Hawkes
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In retail, often you only get one chance

I have just moved into a new town and I was in a chemist shop the other day looking for some bee pollen tablets.  The lady who served me said they only stocked one brand and I should try the other chemist in town if I didn't want theirs.


So, I wandered down the street to the other pharmacy and the lady there could not have been more helpful.  She did not have my brand in stock and not only promised to order it, but also said she would order extra so that there would always be on in stock.


What a difference!  Guess where I will be going for all of my pharmacy needs?  You see, when you are serving the public direct, you only get one chance.  Neither pharmacy was told that I had just moved into the area, but the second one treated me as an ongoing customer from the first word - and that is what I (and probably my wife who was with me), will be.


It is simple stuff, and in a small town where every sale counts your customer service always needs to be top notch.  I don't even care that the other pharmacy gives me fly buys - I, like most people need to feel like a valued customer.

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