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A sales technique to whet your customers' appetite
Graham Hawkes
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A sales technique to whet your customers' appetite

Last month Wendy and I looked in on the Mercer Cheese outlet in Paeroa.  It has only been open a couple of months and we had heard about it at networking event a few weeks earlier.  We were welcomed with open arms and treated to a taste of any of about 60 cheeses which took our fancy.


Our host was interrupted by a phone call and before she took the call, suggested that we take a look at what else was on the shelves.  The display was full of enticing, beautifully packaged foods – all designed to supplement a cheese platter.  By the time she got back to us we were not only sold on one of the cheeses but also fully aware of the unique range of additional products which we will certainly be sampling in the future.


It is easier in the food industry to offer samples but with a bit of thought there may be something free you can offer your potential customers or clients – even something to snack while they are looking around.  If you can, you will, like Mercer Cheese, ensure that the opportunity to close a sale will not pass you by.

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