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Feedback - don't take it for granted
Graham Hawkes
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Feedback - don't take it for granted

A long standing friend of mine, Yvonne Baylis from Carterton told me about her experience in giving feedback to South Wairarapa Veterinary services.  In Yvonne’s own words:


 “A month ago I booked my cat in for his annual check up using the Vet's new online booking page. I gave them good feedback on how easy it was to use. Today I called in there to buy something and they gave me this wonderful gift as a thank you for my feedback.”


You can see from the photo that Yvonne received at least $30-$40 worth of goodies from her vet, and I am not downgrading the gift, but I’m willing to bet that it cost the vet less than half of that figure.  What a simple, economical, unexpected and highly effective gesture which has the power to turn your already loyal customers into advocates for your business.
So what can you do to reward feedback from your customers and clients?  It will repay you heaps in referrals.

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