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Customer Care - What you can learn from Vets
Graham Hawkes
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Customer Care - What you can learn from Vets

Recently our dearest mate of nearly 15 years, Basil the Schnauzer passed on after developing cancer of the liver.  Our experience with Waihi Veterinary Services was exceptional.


 Stephanie, our assigned consultant was one of the most empathetic and understanding Vets I have ever experienced.  She was always on hand to check Basil’s declining weight over his last 3-4 weeks, and when she felt the time was right, advised us of the inevitable decision we would have to make.  She had a way of planting the seed in our minds that it was time, without telling us what to do.  On Basil’s final day, we couldn’t have asked for a more empathetic, no fuss exit for the poor guy.


We chose to have Basil’s ashes back so that we could scatter them on his favourite beach. About a week later, the ashes were ready and Stephanie was immediately up to the counter when she saw me, to hand them over.  The contents of the package she gave me are on display below.

What this story tells us is that both this clinic, and the clinic in the Tip of the Month article, care.  A lot of us in business have animals and have probably had similar experiences – so we know what it is like to get a caring message or gift from our Vet.  What we fail to learn from those experiences is that our customers and clients also like to know that we care about them.
So have a think about what you can do to tell your customers or clients that you care about them.  If you can nail it, you will really stand out from your competitors.

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