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Tell me what's in it for me!
Graham Hawkes
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Tell me what's in it for me!

What’s in it for me?   That’s all anybody wants to know when they’re in the market for something.  What’s in it for them.  They’re not interested in your pretty logo, or how long you’ve been in business, or how many staff you’ve got.  They want to know, “who is the best to get me what I want” – and that’s the message that you need to get across.  You are the best and why. 



To take a very simple example if you are selling firewood at your gate, and you put your name on the sign in bold letters, how many people would know what you are selling?  But if your sign says “Dry firewood $10 a sack”, then it immediately gets attention if you are wanting firewood.  But we see the same mistake every day on business cards, advertisements and signs where people put more importance on the business logo and name, than the message they are trying to get across.  That’s simply bad marketing.


Tell them what’s in it for them, and if they want it, they’ll come running across broken glass to your door.


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