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Cross marketing  the way it should be done
Graham Hawkes
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Cross marketing the way it should be done

My old marketing guru mate  Winston Marsh  from across the Tasman passed on to me this fantastic strategy for you to generate goodwill, attract new clients and build your business. It was devised by a very successful coffee shop owner but it can be used by any business. 

She asked other businesses in her area to donate prizes for a competition she planned to run for the customers on her database. This was a great opportunity for those businesses to get exposure to a whole new database of customers who they may not have had as customers. All of the businesses she asked were happy to participate. 


Then she did a mail out to her own database inviting them to enter a draw to win a package of seven different prizes, donated by those other businesses. She added a big value grand prize as well. 

Needless to say, the entries flooded in.


After the big prize draw, this innovative business owner put together a book of vouchers for all of the participating businesses and sent the book to all entrants. It was crammed full of special deals at all the participating businesses. The outcome… everybody who entered the competition won a prize! 


The idea here is simple but very effective. Introduce your client base to other businesses in exchange for their assistance in your promotion.  Not only is your business likely to be promoted to new clients through word-of-mouth of your customers, but you’ll also be introducing your customers to other companies that may be of interest to them.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re a car dealer, a chiropractor, a plumber, a carpet supplier, a lawyer, a fitness coach or a supermarket, you can adapt this incredibly simple and highly successful strategy to work for you!


Oh, and one more thing!   Note that this canny business owner was wise enough to spend money on good old fashioned snail mail. In these days of e-mails crammed with spam people like nothing better than to get an envelope filled with interesting information in their letter box.


If you want to toss some cross marketing ideas around, give me a call.

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