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There's business everywhere if you go after it
Graham Hawkes

There's business everywhere if you go after it


Everybody has a lunch break at work – right?  So why wouldn’t you give up your own lunch break to take advantage of it?  This post on Facebook from Whangarei acupuncturist Dirk Weishaupt took my eye for two reasons.

First, it’s a great ad.  It gets your attention, the message is clear and well targeted, and there is a prominent call to action leaving the reader no doubt as to what’s in it for them.  It’s everything I talk about rolled into one simple advert.

The second reason it caught my eye is that Dirk was the recipient of one of my early consultations when I first started Your Sounding Board.  One of the things I told him was that he had to get himself out there, and not to be afraid to be different in doing that.  I think he’s succeeded, don’t you?

Definitely an opportunity found.

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