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On the hunt for prospects?  Here's a checklist - part 3
Graham Hawkes

On the hunt for prospects? Here's a checklist - part 3

You need to be constantly on the lookout for new business so here are some more pointers:


I feel confident in myself.

When you feel confident, you look confident and it helps you to open a lot of doors.  You look and sound more believable and others will want to deal with you.


I remember to acknowledge people’s strengths.

Just as important with your business contacts as it is in the workplace with your employees.  We all like to be admired for what we do well.  Remember, you are building relationships and what better way to get to first base than to give a compliment.


I enjoy speaking in front of groups.

Another way of exuding confidence.  If you speak publicly often enough you will become more confident, and be seen as somebody who knows your subject.


I sell my services to a person, not another client or a corporation.

In other words, you are personalising the relationship – showing your clients/customers that you are interested in them and like dealing with them.  In return, it is a probability that they also will like dealing with you.


People are extraordinary. I look for the good in all people.

Most people have some bad points and if you can overlook those and see only the best in them, you are well on the way to forming a business relationship.  Not all of us can do that easily, so it may take some work.


My business is orientated to giving. I often provide free consultations, tips, gifts and information. 

This is hard sometimes to get your head around.  After all, if you are charging for your time, why give it away for nothing?  It takes a bit of sorting out so that you give a little, and leave them wanting more but it’s worth working on.  And free gifts and tips?  You almost always have some slow moving stock you can get rid of – look at it as an advertising cost.  Tips also cost nothing and don’t necessarily need to be related to your own product or service.


People contribute to me on a regular basis.

This is getting back some of what you are giving above.  Either that, or it’s a signal that you need to get off your butt and reciprocate.  In the words of the BNI motto, “Givers gain.”


I see myself as a resource for others. My networking and relationship building skills have produced many clients over the last six months.

This is a signal that you are doing most of the above.  If people come to you for advice, you have successfully built an ongoing relationship which will lead to more business – if not from them, from people they have referred to you.

So – the final 8 pointers to get yourself a ton of prospects over time.  That’s 20 in total.  Need to know more about how to go about it?  Give me a call

(inspired by a Winston Marsh newsletter)


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