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Two stand-out examples of how to get more business

Two stand-out examples of how to get more business

Recently I went to a great promotion hosted by Diamonds on Seddon in Waihi.


Owners Paul and Delwyn invited the locals to join them for a 2 hour Christmas stock preview.  There was a high quality range of trees, decorations, lights, reindeer – you name it, it was up for grabs.  For a while it was wall to wall people enjoying a good stock of beer, bubbly and nibbles to get everyone feeling the spirit of Christmas.  Everyone was in a great mood and people were spending like crazy.

Paul told me the day after that it was their annual event to say thank you to the community for supporting them.  Almost everything Christmassy was sold plus a lot of normal gift and jewelry items.


It was a great promotion and a win-win for everyone.


The same day, we had previously driven to the Home show at Mount Maunganui - just for a look, but we came home with a lot more than just looking.


Like most people, we were happy ambling around and the trick as I’ve said many times when you’re running a stand is to engage with people so that they feel compelled to stop and take a closer look at what was on offer.  And the stands where we purchased something either had something to catch our eye, or the people running them were quick to strike up a meaningful conversation as we paused in front of them.


The result?  We spent over $1000 at four different stands.  And it wasn’t hard sell – it was because the people knew how to engage in conversation, and find out what problems we had that needed solving.  That is a technique that a lot of people forget is necessary to make the most from their not unsubstantial investment in the stall.


So, two opportunities found in the same day.


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