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The Queen of Desserts

The Queen of Desserts

Recently we were in Bled, Slovenia on holiday.


The Park Hotel, where we stayed is the home of The Bled “Queen of Dessert” Cream Cake, and September 2019 was the month they expected to sell their 15 millionth cake. The lucky purchaser received a lifetime supply of the said cakes, plus there were other consolation prizes around that time for those who just missed out.


The hotel signage suggests to everyone that you mustn’t leave Bled without trying one – and it works.  When I purchased mine, I had to wait in a long queue.  But it really didn’t matter because it was well worth it!


Closer to home, I have previously mentioned Viv’s kitchen in Sanson who have sold over 200,000 cream horns and have no qualms about broadcasting their success.  Now people make a point of calling in there on their way to or from Wellington or Palmerston North.


So take a look at some of your products.  What have you got that you sell a lot of, which could justify a milestone promotion?


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