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Strike while the iron is hot
Graham Hawkes

Strike while the iron is hot


Recently we went to Auckland to look for a motorhome.  Not just any motorhome, we were looking specifically for a 2 berth continental model which would more than adequately compensate for the loss of space we presently have in the 8 metre caravan which we are going to replace.


Our search took us to a number of places and the one which stood out in terms of this article was our stop off at Apollo Rentals.  We were directed on arrival to the vehicle sales person, Wenke, who was on the phone when we were arrived and a little surprised that we had turned up on her doorstep without an appointment.


Having received our explanation though, she quickly recovered and asked us to wait whilst she cleared her desk and attended to some phone calls.  Then, after a short interview, Wenke proceeded to spend over an hour with us showing us the vehicles on offer.  We ended up earmarking two possibilities and at the time of writing are currently in negotiations.


What impressed me about this encounter was the way Wenke quickly summed up the situation and concluded that we were worth spending time with.  And it quickly paid off because within an hour, we progressed from being suspects to genuine prospects.  I know that the sales manual normally says to weed out the tyre kickers before letting any prospect through the door, but sometimes you have to put the manual aside and let common sense override it.


These are different times, not covered by any pre-determined sales spiel.  So make sure you and your sales team can recognize a genuine enquiry and strike while the iron is hot.


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