As a business consultant in over 25 years of running a very successful accounting practice Graham Hawkes has many success stories to tell

Here are some testimonials from business managers who have sought Graham’s advice over the years, or who have attended Graham's workshops or seminars recently:


Time well spent - an excellent overview of business ideas

- Michael Courtney, Eclipse Electrical, Tauranga August 2018

Good practical seminar

- Jan Viljoen, MFS Financial Services, Tauranga, August 2018

Gave me lots to think about for my business

- Andrew Taylor, Video Storyteller, Tauranga, August 2018


Informative presentation which opened my mind to several ways to increase my profit

- Simon Bryant, Eclipse Electrical Limited, Tauranga August 2018

I first met Graham at the Thames business breakfast just after starting my own business. Graham introduced himself and was very welcoming as he explained his skill set and what he does.


Since our first meeting Graham has met with me several times and provided me with tips and guidance to grow and benefit my business.
We have also co- hosted seminars for business owners and Graham is always able to provide interesting and useful information for those in attendance.  His financial background and approachability combined with business operations knowledge means he can provide any business with useful insights and information to help them progress and grow or even just streamline activities.


I have no hesitation in recommending Grahams services to my clients or any business that needs a sounding board for ideas, ventures or that may just feel stagnant.

-Stuart Hindley, Major Oak Safety Training Limited, June 2018

Graham has been working with me for the past year. My business has grown from 2 people to 9 over the past 18 months. Graham has been great at encouraging me, working out cash flow forecasts and keeping me on track with my budget. Its been very reassuring to have Graham keeping an eye on the figures. I highly recommend his services.

 -Stephanie Halliday Painter Girl, Tauranga May 2018

I found Graham to be a no-nonsense mentor and I liked his straight up attitude.  He says it like it is and doesn't waste your time which I found refreshing and motivating.  In just one session he helped me to clarify my thinking immensely.

- Robyn Forster, Insider Interior Design, Thames May 2018



 Graham is great to deal with. Highly responsive and full of bright ideas

-James Heffield, Last Word Public Relations Consultant, Wellington and Waihi, February 2018

Thank you so much for taking the time to meet me the other day.It was the most refreshing meeting I have had in a long time.

- Ryan Fong, Ryan's Kitchen, Pukekohe September 2017



I really appreciate the help you have given me, Graham.  Before we started meeting, I had no idea of how the business was doing but you have helped me to look forward and given me a great deal of confidence in myself, and the direction the business is taking.

- Jonathan Harris, TLC4U2, Whangarei July 2017



Thank you so much for all your valuable support!  We look forward to now working with you on achieving these and then setting up new goals.

- Adrienne Crawford, Trinity Network Real Estate, Thames July 2017


 Keeping the presentation focussed was really good.  It was easy to follow and understand.  I got it, and could relate to it


Thanks so much for our mentoring sessions.  They have been really helpful

-- Jo Martin, Computer Lessons Made Easy June 2016




“ I have been working with Graham for about 10 years now, and he has helped me grow from a struggling one person business to the point where I now have four very successful branch offices”

– Sharyn Elstob, Focus on Jobs


“Graham is fantastic. He goes the extra mile for you. I remember one time when he gave up part of his holiday break to attend an urgent meeting with me”

– Sarah Campbell, Campbell Henri Limited


“The presentation was full of plain common sense ideas which any business could easily implement and benefit from”

– Carol Kennedy, Trade Secretarial Limited


“It was refreshing to think about business growth using value added products and services”

– Maree Walters, Ecomist-Earthcare NZ.


“My sales team saw in a flash how they could lift their game and make more money for themselves and the company”

– Sharyn Elstob, Focus on Jobs Limited


“It was great, the way Graham controlled the discussion so that our members made the decision we wanted for our organization”

– Sarah Campbell, Supply Chain Association of New Zealand


“We all enjoyed your experience, insights and humour in your thought provoking presentation. Member feedback highlights your inspiration and the need for us all to aspire to be the best in everything we do”

– Top Swap, Northland NZ


“He really knows his stuff”

– Horse Riding Warkworth business manager


Audience feedback on a workshop presentations to First National Real Estate franchisees:


“Good on you Graham, call me to set up a training day on networking”


“Would like Graham to be considered for our October workshop in Wellington”


“A very interesting and informative presentation”


“Would be good to have you come to our Office”


“Will help me with my own self analysis I’m doing with my business currently”


Audience feedback on a presentation by Graham in Whangarei, March 2016


"Good, well-rounded presentation, thank you. I can highly recommend this and will."

- Jill Ansell-Douglas, Freedom Odyssey

"Great seminar, thanks."

- Jo Martin, Computer Lessons made Easy and Affordable Web Designs

"Thoroughly enjoyed your presentation today, Graham. A good motivator to review our current practices and address areas lacking. Definitely came away with new tools to improve what we currently deliver to our clients and potential new clients."

- Lee Anne Reo, Investment Solutions Northland

"Very interesting, good overview and it gave me some fresh ideas and homework to do. I love the give-aways, always good! Thanks and keep on with the good work."

- Gwen Ras, Daylight Solutions

"Great talk, lots of tools anyone can use to improve their business and income from their business."

- Kate Hargis, Arcadia Skin Care

"Great talk - easy to grasp and nicely presented. Learnt a lot - thanks."

- Karyn Cossey, Kalm Designs