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A clever way to get your product out there

A clever way to get your product out there

Recently my sister Pam was visiting from Wellington and because her visit coincided with the monthly Karangahake market, we dropped in to see what was there.


One of the stalls was occupied by Maureen Kennerley from Romoco Wellness, displaying a number of health products, each one unique in its specific use.   I had dealt with Maureen and Roger before and have been using one of their products for about 12 months.  In fact, I am now on my second repeat order.

I introduced Pam to Maureen, who proceeded to show her the product range.  My sister purchased two different products – one for herself, and one for her husband.  So that was a good result for Romoco, and normally would have been the end of it.


But Maureen wasn’t finished.  “Because you purchased two products,” she said, “you qualify to try one of our other creams for $1.”  So what happened?  Pam did pay the extra and walked out happily with the three jars.


That was great, low key, no pressure selling by Maureen, and as Romoco do mail orders, I’m sure there will be repeat sales to Pam if the products work for her.


Definitely an opportunity found, and so easy to do!   By the way if you want to see what Romoco have to offer click here.


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